Detail-Oriented Legal Advocacy

Personalized Wills, Trusts And Probate Services

The experienced lawyers at Alterwitz Katz, LLP, in Las Vegas, Nevada, take pride in offering compassionate and skilled guidance in all aspects of estates, wills and trusts. It is never too early to create an estate plan to protect your family. We understand how intimidating it can be for many people to consider the topic. We are committed to helping clients feel at ease, while providing them with knowledgeable guidance to empower them to make informed decisions for peace of mind.

Our comprehensive estate planning and probate services include:

  • Estate planning services: Our lawyers stand apart as estate planning attorneys. The depth and breadth of our experience in tax law, real estate and business law fortify our ability to craft effective solutions for individuals, families and business owners in the area of estate planning. We will fully explain the legal options available to you to give you peace of mind that your wishes regarding your property, health care and other issues are fully addressed. In addition to helping clients understand wills and trusts, transfer on death clauses, powers of attorney and other planning tools, we draw on our experience to provide effective results in business succession, Medicaid planning and tax planning.
  • Creating a trust: Trusts are versatile tools, but choosing the appropriate trust, or mix of instruments, is critical. Trusts may be designed to protect assets, avoid probate or reduce tax exposure. While many types of trusts (including Nevada Asset Protection Trusts) frequently garner public exposure, we are committed to explaining the pros and cons of each kind of trust to ensure that our clients make informed decisions.
  • Asset protection planning: As full-service estate planning, business law and asset protection lawyers, we are well-equipped to provide strategic solutions to a wide variety of asset protection concerns. We will fully analyze your unique circumstances, whether you have substantial assets or more modest means, to create the mix of asset protection instruments best suited to serve your needs.
  • Probate services: We regularly guide personal representatives, heirs and beneficiaries through every step of the probate process. Our comprehensive services in the area of estate administration include protecting personal representatives from legal exposure in managing the complex probate process and representing clients in probate litigation, including will contests.

To learn more about how our substantial experience can be your advantage in protecting your family, contact us online or call 725-217-1304.