Effective Counsel And Representation In Business And Commercial Litigation

The dedicated lawyers at Alterwitz Katz, LLP, in Las Vegas, Nevada, provide comprehensive legal counsel and representation to resolve business and commercial disputes effectively, while maintaining a laser focus on the best interests of our clients. Our law firm is founded on the principle that your best interests must be guarded at every stage of dispute resolution. We meticulously analyze every aspect of business and commercial disputes to obtain the most favorable outcome possible.

Experienced Legal Counsel And Commercial Litigation Attorneys

At every stage of the representation, we diligently advise our clients about the cost-benefit relationship of litigation. For instance, fighting hard through protracted litigation to obtain judgment against a bankruptcy LLC may not result in anything more than a judgment from the court, without any assets to pursue to satisfy the judgment. We place your interests first and will explain whether settling the case is a better business decision for your future. When taking a matter to trial is necessary to guard the rights of a client, we will not hesitate to tenaciously guard his or her rights and fight for the most favorable outcome possible.

Our trial-proven lawyers are well-equipped to handle any business dispute, including:

  • Contract disputes: Contracts form the backbone of business and consumer transactions. We are well-versed in contract law and trial advocacy to effectively resolve breach of contract and other forms of contract disputes.
  • Shareholder or partnership disputes: We are committed to seeking cost-effective solutions when tensions arise between partners, shareholders and other within a company. Whether your matter involves a potential breach of fiduciary duty matter, a disagreement over executive pay, minority shareholder rights issues or any other problem, our skilled business litigation lawyers know how to build a compelling case.
  • Unfair competition claims: Unfair competition can have a significant impact on business operations and profits. We represent individuals and businesses in resolving disputes to allow our clients to move forward with confidence.

Speak With Our Skilled Litigators To Protect Your Business Interests

In every business and commercial matter, we remain focused on the ultimate goal — obtaining the most favorable outcome possible with full respect for business principles. To learn more how our trial-tested lawyers can guard your individual and business interests, contact us online or call 702-829-7590.